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Protection of natural resources.

While producing the goods, natural raw materials grown and cultivated safe for humans and nature materials are used. Fiber bleaching is carried out by the oxygen method, without use of chlorine, which does not have any harmful effect on the environment.

An alternative, reproducible and renewable raw material as cotton or flax fiber is used for the absorbent layer instead of wood pulp thus cutting down trees is reduced.

Energy saving.

Our company uses modern technologies to guarantee the efficiency of production processes and minimum energy consumption. The production uses innovative technology Arvell, developed by international experts, which provides the reduction of energy consumption in the production process.


Reducing dangerous chemicals.Almost all modern sanitary and hygienic products contain chemicals that have a negative impact on human health and environment. For example, diapers for children and adults, women's liners, lactation pads contain polymeric superabsorbent (SAP), which turns the liquid into a gel. It is not
decomposable, toxic and can cause various allergic reactions and diseases in case of overdose.

The producers of the SAP are recommended to burn the used diapers in specialized incinerators in order the dangerous substances do not fall into the soil and wastewater, causing a pernicious influence on live organisms.


Products under the LINO brand use natural materials without superabsorbent addition or with minimal content. Surrogating the polymer with natural cotton and flax fibers, we reduce its harmful effects on human health and the environment.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that diapers are the second largest source of solid waste in a dump after packaging. Using natural and decompose materials in production, we reduce the amount of garbage. Creating innovative products for sanitary and hygienic purposes, we tend to reduce the negative impact of modern products on human health and the environment.