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Cotton-linen feminine hygienic daily pantyliners, 20 pcs

Hygienic pantyliners «LINO» help to feel comfortable and safe in a dynamic rhythm of life. The top layer consists of linen fibers, which have natural antiseptic properties, it is especially important for women with sensitive skin. All materials are breathable and prevent the progression of pathogenic microflora.

Linen pantyliners characteristics:


  • Consist of natural materials — cotton and linen, bleached by the oxygen method.
  • Immediate absorb and evenly distribute moisture.
  • Have high air permeability and absorbency.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Absorb and keep odor.
  • Have an anatomical shape.
  • Parfum and dye free.


Used by women for hygienic purposes.

Features of LINO pantyliners:






Absorbability and thickness of the pantyliners:





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