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Disposable incontinence pads with cotton and linen for absorbent underwear

 Disposable incontinence pads «LINO» reliably protect against leaks, quickly absorbing even a large amount of moisture. They help the skin to «breathe», allowing air and vapor to pass through, eliminating the appearance of the greenhouse effect. The layer adjacent to the body is made of natural materials — cotton and linen.

Attention! Do not use the pads without absorbent underwear, leaks may occur.


Features of the incontinence pad: 

  • The absorbent layer contains natural cotton and linen.
  • Doesn`t cause irritation in people with sensitive skin.
  • Quickly absorbs, evenly distributes and removes liquid.
  • Prevents the fluid passing under the back in the lying position.
  • Adjustable position of the diaper for women or man.
  • Used in any temperature conditions.
  • Allows to use the diaper several times.


Linen properties:

  • Has bacteriostatic properties.
  • Has high air permeability and absorption
  • Reduces the risk of intertrigo and bedsores.
  • Absorbs and neutralizes an unpleasant odor.
  • In winter it warms up, and in summer – cools.



Environmental protection:

  • Using the removable incontinence pad reduce the amount of rubbish.
  • The diaper is made of quickly reproduced raw materials, without cutting down trees.


Attention! Do not use incontinence pads without absorbent underwear, it is possible to leak.





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