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Absorbing hygienic underpads

Absorbing hygienic underpads LINO are made using the innovative Arvell technology, saving the highest ecological standards. The absorbent layer is formed into cells and linked to the non-woven material by a thermal method without glue usage.

Characteristics of a hygienic underpad:


  • The innovative structure of the fibres creates an air layer and pointed skin contact promoting moisture evaporation.
  • The protective layer of the underpad made of vapour-permeable film, allows the skin «to breathe» and prevents liquid passage.
  • The cells create high strength and do not allow the filler to lump.
  • In case of damage the absorbent layer stays in the product.
  • Quickly absorbs and evenly distributes liquid.
  • Thin, soft, easy to fit.
  • Does not change its quality characteristics in long-term use.
  • Large sizes guarantee reliable leakage protection. 

Used to protect beds, strollers and other surfaces for men’s care.The sizes by the individual request.






Quantity: 10 pcs., 20 pcs., 30 pcs., other packaging available under request.

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