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Absorbing disposable underpads

Absorbing disposable underpads LINO provide additional protection for bed linen and other surfaces, indispensable for hygiene procedures. The top layer of non-woven fabric provides skin with softness and comfort, protects against irritation.

Characteristics of Absorbing disposable underpads:


  • Soft, breathable non-woven fabric quickly absorbs and evenly distributes liquid.
  • Internal filler — cellulose — holds safe the liquid inside the product, preventing it from spreading over the full surface.
  • The outer layer is made of a «breathable» film, which protects against intertrigos by prolonged skin contact with the product, it does not slide and prevents leakage.
  • Parfum and dyes free. 

Used to protect the surface from wet impurities while caring people including children.






Quantity: 10 pcs., 20 pcs., 30 pcs., other packaging available under request.

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