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Absorbent underwear with incontinence pad of cotton and linen

Absorbent underwear with removable pads «LINO» is designed for people with different degrees of incontinence, it guarantees safe protection against leakage and gentle care. Natural materials containing in the pad protect the skin from irritation. Usage of a removable pad allows to reduce the volume of rubbish and minimize negative environmental impacts.

Absorbent underwear characteristics:


  • Outer vapor permeable and breathable inner layers support air circulation and vaporization, which reduce the risk of intertrigo.
  • Elastic waistband in front and behind make a tight fit, leakage protection and reliable fixation of the underwear.
  • Sticks with micro-hooks can be repeatedly fastened on underwear, which makes it possible to tighten tightly over the waist and legs.
  • The antifecal barrier with a large number of elastic bands additionally protects against leakage on the sides.
  • Dual moisture indicator allows to determine the content of absorbent underwear in any position.
  • The kit includes a replaceable pad with natural materials — cotton and linen.

Pad’s advantages: 


  • Absorbent layer includes natural cotton and linen.
  • Does not cause irritation at people with sensitive skin.
  • Quickly absorbs, evenly distributes and drains liquid.
  • Prevents the fluid passing under the back in the lying position
  • Adjustable position of underwear for women or man.
  • Allows to use the underwear for several times.


Linen properties:


  • Has bacteriostatic properties.
  • Has high breathability and absorbency.
  • Reduces the risk of intertrigo and bedsores.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Absorbs odor.
  • In winter it warms and in summer it cools.


Used for people’s care.



Quantity: 20 pcs., other packaging available under request.


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