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The best of the nature! — the slogan of  «MedLen» LLC



«MedLen» LLC is a Belarusian producer of sanitary and hygienic products. The company was founded in 2012, and it is a resident of the free-trade zone «Grodnoinvest».

 As the part of the State Innovation Development Program of the Republic of Belarus, production of sanitary and hygienic products made of natural and environmental responsible materials — cotton and flax was organized.

In 2017, «MedLen» LLC launched the production of innovative Belarusian products under the LINO brand, the range includes the production of cotton hygiene products, products for childcare, hygienic products for women, products for incontinent people. The products for the intended purposes and specifications stand with the brands of leading world manufacturers, but at the same time they differ in composition and improved quality properties. Sanitary hygiene products of the company «MedLen» LLC under the LINO brand are environmentally responsible and safe, are produced using the latest technologies from natural materials using cotton and flax fiber. The products containing flax in their composition have essential natural antiseptic properties and high air permeability. The company has implemented a quality management system which is satisfied the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015.
The full cycle of production, the existence of our own laboratory, the equipment with the necessary modern equipment, the high qualification of specialists — all these allow us to evaluate raw materials and finished products by all characteristics, and to guarantee their high quality.


The company sets high quality standards, making all efforts to continuously improvement and development of innovation products aimed to improve the quality of life of people and protecting the environment.