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«MedLen» LLC is a Belarusian manufacturer of natural sanitary and hygienic products, a leader in production of hygienic products in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.


The main aim of the company is to take care of human health and environmental protection.


«MedLen» LLC produced innovative products under the LINO brand - LINEN translated from Italian. The products are based on cotton and linen fibers. Using innovative technologies in the production process, we create high-quality and environmentally responsible products, saving the unique properties of nature.


We help people take care of themselves, improving the quality of life for adults and children. We protect nature, using natural, environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials in production.

Currently the company produces cotton and cotton-flax articles such as: MASK medical, FILTERS for maskadult diapers, diapers for children, incontinence pads, pantyliners for women, nursing pads, pads for parturient women, underpads absorbing disposable, sheets absorbent hygienic, absorbent underwear with incontinence pad, disposable incontinence pads with cotton and linen for absorbent underwear, cosmetic cotton pads and cotton buds.